Marco Pivetta (Ocramius)

ProxyManager 2.0.0 release and expected 2.x lifetime


ProxyManager 2.0.0 was finally released today!

It took a bit more than a year to get here, but major improvements were included in this release, along with exclusive PHP 7 support.

Most of the features that we planned to provide were indeed implemented into this release.

As a negative note, HHVM compatibility was not achieved, as HHVM is not yet compatible with PHP 7.0.x-compliant code.

As of this release, ProxyManager 1.0.x switches to security-only support.

Planned maintenance schedule

ProxyManager 2.x will be a maintenance-only release:

  • I plan to fix bugs until
  • I plan to fix security issues until

No features are going to be added to ProxyManager 2.x: the current master branch will instead become the development branch for version 3.0.0.

Features for ProxyManager 3.0.0 are yet to be planned, but we reached exceptional code quality, complete test coverage and nice performance improvements with 2.0.0: the future is bright!

Thank you!

And of course, a big "thank you" to all those who contributed to this release!

Tags: php, proxy