Marco Pivetta (Ocramius)

ProxyManager 1.0.0 release and expected 1.x lifetime


Today I finally released version 1.0.0 of the ProxyManager

Noticeable improvements since 0.5.2:

Planned maintenance schedule

ProxyManager 1.x will be a maintenance-release only:

  • I plan to fix bugs until
  • I plan to fix security issues until

No features are going to be added to ProxyManager 1.x: the current master branch will instead become the development branch for version 2.0.0.

ProxyManager 2.0.0 targets

ProxyManager 2.0.0 has following main aims:

Thank you!

It wouldn't be a good 1.0.0 release without thanking all the contributors that helped with the project, by providing patches, bug reports and their useful insights to the project. Here are the most notable ones:

Tags: php, proxy