Marco Pivetta (Ocramius)

Moving my blog to Jekyll and Github pages


Well, that is quite simple: I hate Wordpress.

I have been working as a PHP developer all my life and having my own Blog based on Wordpress is just a shame.
I really dislike Wordpress, as it is also the cause of being labeled as a "second class" software developer. PHP is not Wordpress, but some people keep associating them, and I stand in the middle. Today I'm just doing my part in getting away from a platform that should be forgotten.

So I simply decided to move on and to move my blog Github pages. I tried to go through the setup of Github pages with Octopress, but it was quite a pain to get all these ruby wrappers for simple commands (that already exist in *nix world) to run. I didn't manage to get it to run locally.

I just decided to fallback to a pure Jekyll based solution. After playing around with something that actually works and that isn't just a mess of ruby dependencies (or doesn't crash with a different ruby version).

What I did is picking the setup already done by Eric Jones, who already had a nice setup which he describes in this post.

Tags: jekyll, blog